Saturday, June 6, 2009


I was working on the "blue" lesson for my upcoming online class this morning and began playing around with a blue marble and a blue background. The orange? Well, that was a serendipitous thing that worked out beautifully and I'll be describing the set-up in the class. If you'd like to register for this, probably my very last online class, visit my online store here. The registration fee is $180 for full value (six different lessons, very detailed critiques of your photos) or $95 to audit the course (no critiques, just brief comments). For more information about this upcoming class, click here. ©Carol Leigh


Lynnette Harter said...

I just signed up for the class a couple of days ago - sorry to see you might be discontinuing.

Carol Leigh said...

Hi, Lynnette . . . Yes, but the class you signed up for is still a GO! I do have ideas for upcoming projects that are similar but less computer-intensive on my part. And I'm still going to be shooting daily, conducting workshops, etc. I just need to reduce my computer time, otherwise I'm going to be completely incapacitated. And can you imagine me without computer/photography in my life? Ha! Ain't gonna happen! So no worries . . . Carol Leigh