Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The moon shone silver on the sea this morning and I zoomed out the door to attempt to photograph it. I was a bit late, but the morning was quite magical anyway. I stood on a bluff, watching the sky grow pink. Waves crashed on the rocks and two bald eagles flew past. My photos overall weren't so good, but I do like the shot of the information sign perched above the tidepools below. I then drove inland a mile or so and photographed the Alsea Bay as the sun tried to make its way through a fog bank in the distance. Bare branches obscure the scene, but also add a bit of interest and context. "Context" is my byword for 2009. I'm good at zooming in tight on small things, or capturing detail; it's the big picture that's a challenge and is what I'm hoping to improve upon this year. "Shoot early, shoot late" is another concept for me this year as well, and I achieved both this morning. ©Carol Leigh

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