Thursday, March 12, 2009

Motion . . .

Both of these were taken today from a moving vehicle. En route down the Oregon coast, I focused on the side mirror and captured the waves on the beach we had just passed as well as the beach just ahead of us. I used a 0.5-second exposure to create more blur. It's not a good shot, but I find it interesting. The tree shot, too, isn't a "good" photo, but I love how the lighter-colored trees created a burst-like effect as we drove past. This is another longish exposure and was shot through the front windshield. Two weird photos taken on an absolutely glorious day. I'm sunburned! ©Carol Leigh


June said...

Going to try this same technique this weekend. Was it slightly overcast? Still not sure how to do this when it is bright out;)
No need to reply--just thinking of top of my head. Enjoy your blog much.
JC in NC

Carol Leigh said...

It was actually very sunny. When making the shot with the trees, I waited until we passed some trees that were on the shady side of the road, and also made sure there was some contrast there between light and dark trees. On sunny days, using a 0.5-second shutter speed (metering mode set for shutter priority), it's tough to get photos that aren't overexposed. I used a polarizer to cut the light, but a 3-stop neutral density filter would have been great. Thanks for your comment, and good luck with trying this technique. Let me know how it went. -- Carol Leigh