Saturday, March 28, 2009


A lone tree stands out well against various shades of green. I'm still processing my drive-by photos that I took on Thursday and am particularly pleased with this one. An exposure of 1/8 second combined with shooting from a moving car means nothing is in focus! Yet I still have a recognizable impression of the scene, which I just love. ©Carol Leigh


Anonymous said...

Carol, I'm hooked on your motion pictures. This is a beautiful scene. I know only you can come up with perfection but that won't keep others from trying...
How fast die Chris drive while you were shooting?
Your NC fan, Gisela

Carol Leigh said...

I think this is a beautiful scene, too. And regarding speed? This was a country road, nobody behind us, so I think Chris was going maybe 25 miles per hour. Everything is so variable -- speed of vehicle, focal length of lens, shutter speed, distance of subject from car, angle of shot, did the car hit a bump when I clicked the shutter, am I shooting out the front or out the side, etc. I have another taken a split second later and it looks completely different. They're like snowflakes . . . no two alike. -- Carol Leigh