Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Art of Seeing - 090503

This morning I visited a beach just south of us, one I've never been to, figuring it was just big and flat and boring. Well, it pretty much was exactly that! But I found a few things to shoot, including the tree-framed pathway leading down to the sand. The next photo, with no sense of scale, looks like huge, rocky cliffs, but in reality is part of a big log that washed ashore, as you can see in the second photo. The next photo could be a macro photo of the scales on a butterfly's wing, but is actually wood grain in yet another washed-ashore log. There's always something to see, something to photograph, when we really begin looking. My lens du jour? A 28-135 IS with a polarizing filter on a Canon 50D body.


Anonymous said...

Oh Carol.... you did it again. Starting my week off with visual delights... Love what you came up with and appreciate your "sense of scale" pix. Those of us that are working hard on developing the creative eye certainly appreciate the comparison. Also, thanks for the lens du jour and tech. info.
Gisela, NC

Carol Leigh said...

A couple of years ago I used to always include the camera data, but got away from it, thinking it wasn't all that interesting. But to photographers, yes, it is, so will try to include it from now on. Once again, thank you for stopping by and commenting. You wouldn't know this, but actually I see your smiling little face every morning -- June sent me a card with a photo of you, her, and Jill standing next to the "Patriotic Port-a-Potty" and it's on my bulletin board above my desk. Actually, when you think about it, kind of a sick way to begin my day! But it always makes me smile. Greetings to my Carolinian friends from this Carolinian Oregonian. -- Carol Leigh