Friday, February 13, 2009

Corn muffins!

Chris made corn muffins for breakfast this morning. There were two left over, so I took them into the studio to shoot. A fun but fattening morning. ©Carol Leigh


brucesc said...

Why isn't anybody commenting on thes great pictures you post here! Each one is interesting and a little lesson too in composition and possibilities for picture.
Seeing your coast shots below gave me an idea. How about Wind for the March theme on the Alum site.

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks for your comment, Bruce. And I think "wind" is a very good idea for the March assignment in the alumni group. So you're in charge of March! On the 1st, announce the assignment. I will then create an album for it and we're good to go. And already my brain is cranking, wondering how to depict it . . . Thanks again. -- Carol Leigh