Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new beach reveals new possibilities

I had a rather interesting day today. Wanting to get out and shoot some more sand and rock studies, I headed for my favorite beach. Its little parking lot was full, so I went up the road to another beach. Even though the light was way too contrasty, I was still able to take some beautiful photographs, and can't wait for the next overcast day so that I can do it right.

On my way home, a car headed in the opposite direction took a curve too fast, skidded, the driver overcorrected and as a result her SUV slammed head-on into my van. I could see it all begin, I slowed down, moved as far right as I could, then waited for impact. We both walked away, relatively unscathed. Police told us that along that particularly dangerous stretch of road, most head-on impacts result in both drivers being killed.

Mortality looms its head and I thank whoever was in charge this afternoon for letting me walk away from this. I hate to think that these not-quite-the-way-I-want-them photos might have been my last!

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Marianne said...

So happy you're OK. I know you're one who treasures every moment but I'm betting everything in your life becomes even more precious after this!