Thursday, April 9, 2009

38 minutes at the beach

The rain stopped briefly and so did I -- at one of my favorite beaches. I photographed bubbles with my reflection in them, richly colored rocks below the bluffs, contrasting textures in piles of bull kelp, and a heart-shaped rock. The tide was rapidly reaching its peak, so I hustled out of there just in time.

I also stopped at an antique store and bought yet another oil can and some very cool, very used, very stained, old pens, so stay tuned for (I hope) some interesting shots of those new items. ©Carol Leigh


Anonymous said...

Morning Carol:
Your blog is on my Yahoo home page so I'm greeted by your lovely photos every morning. It's always a treat.
Are you using a macro lens and tripod? 38 minutes doesn't leave you much time but when you're a pro you can come up with beautiful shots in no time.
Thanks, Gisela from NC

Carol Leigh said...

You're always so complimentary! What a way to begin MY morning! Regarding macro lens/tripod, no, these were taken with a 70-200mm lens. I realize that the shots of the rocks LOOK like closeups, but they're actually large slabs at the base of bluffs, so I can walk on top of the rocks and simply point down. The bottom shot with the orange in it is where some rocks meet the sand, and there was a rivulet of water running horizontally along the bottom. With our wet winter beaches, a tripod will generally sink slowly into the sand, making it almost useless. At least that's my excuse for not carrying one most of the time! -- Carol Leigh