Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Art of Seeing - 090412

The top photo is typical of what I see at low tide on the beach. Little rivulets of water come from the bluffs and make their way to the sea. Along the way, patterns emerge in the sand. Looking closer, in the next two photos, I isolate a few patterns, filling my frame with horizontal and diagonal lines or a series of jagged slashes. There's no sense of scale. The second photo could be of sand dunes for all we know. And the third photo an aerial view of some land formation from 35,000 feet. The world is at our feet if we just take the time to look. ©Carol Leigh


Anonymous said...

nice nice nice!!!
jc in nc

gottago said...

Your vision is unparalleled.
Great sea shots. Everything you shoot is your own style, so artistic.

How do you find the time????

Bruce K said...

I really like these shots, Carol. There are so many details to see at the beach. Yours remind me so much of the North Topsail Island beach in NC that we go to--most western beaches don't. I was taking photos near and far of a rivulet there as you did here and a woman walking the beach stopped and said, you must be a artist like me--we are the only ones who see these beautiful patterns. I thought that was wonderful.
Bruce K

Carol Leigh said...

What a superb comment for that woman to make! I must remember it and pass it on the next time I see someone appreciating something "weird." -- Carol Leigh