Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Art of Seeing - 090428

Walking along the beach yesterday I saw a nicely striated boulder and especially liked the little crack angling down. You can see what I saw in the first photo. In the second photo you can see what I made out of it.

I included a little strip of sand at the bottom to sort of anchor my shot, filling the frame mostly with the diagonal lines of the boulder and the crack. The crack is the focal point and I placed it in the left third of the frame. From there your eye travels right and upward, following the striations in the rock. The crack angles in at one angle, while the layers of rock angle out in another, creating tension. And heaven knows we all could use a bit more tension in our lives! ©Carol Leigh

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Anonymous said...

Still checking out your blog. Starts the day.
Walk on the beach produced a lovely photo, Carol. Tension?
JC in NC