Friday, August 7, 2009

Aboard a fishing vessel

I was photographing paint splotches on the dock when Captain Tom came over to ask why I was photographing bird poop ... Good conversation starter. He invited us aboard his fishing vessel and we didn't hesitate to scramble over the rail.

You can see Diesel the fishing boat cat peering over the bow of the boat. The nicest, friendliest cat you could ever meet. Abby should take lessons ...

In the second shot you can see the lures and hooks they use for tuna fishing. And then you can see the downside of fishing -- a finger that got sawed off, caught between a ladder and a Russian trawler. And finally Captain Tom himself -- knowledgeable and so giving, sharing his way of life and the equipment he uses with three clueless landlubbers. (By the way, fishing boats use "fuel," not "gas.") Turns out his aunt lives a couple of miles away from June in North Carolina. She's going to look her up!

Small world. Getting smaller. ©Carol Leigh


marianne said...

Such a great photo story! Loved it :-)

gottago said...

Ooooh. I like learning about your daily life. Neat photos that definitely tell the story.