Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue morning

It's always great having a fellow photographer come to visit. Chris and I took June to photograph the fishing boats early in the morning when the waters were calm and reflections at their best. Then it was on to the crab pot staging area, lunch, and then more photography at a place where fishing nets are stored. Hoo ha! These two boats and their reflections are some of the better ones I got on the docks. Add to that the blue bumper hanging off a blue boat and we've got quite a threesome.

For the first time ever, we were invited aboard a fishing vessel to (a) meet the two cats (Diesel and Sherman) and (b) to see all the gear, fathometers, plankton finders, temperature finders, fish finders, and more. What a treat. It must have been June's charm that encouraged the captain to invite us aboard . . . ©Carol Leigh

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Jan H said...

Hoo ha is right! What fun, and what wonderful color.