Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good intentions ...

My intent was to clean up/straighten up my craft area. But when I saw a background that I had painted to use in my photomontages, and when I saw a feather I'd found in the yard, I began wondering what that feather would look like photographed on top of my painted background. So next thing you know, I'm photographing feathers, ferns, and other stuff. The craft area is still a mess, but I'm liking this particular photograph! Short attention spans are sometimes a good thing. ©Carol Leigh


gottago said...

I really get so much from you sharing your thought process on putting your work together. Curious how you decided to place the feather vertical. Mind sharing this thought process?

This morning I learned more about why you didn't like how the head of the boy on the beach blending in with the darker background. Because you made us aware of what you didn't like with the beach scene, I could see where I didn't leave enough space behind a photo subject I'd taken this morning.

Carol Leigh said...

The reason I went with a vertical was (a) my background painting is lighter and "glowier" up top with a darker base. I see it as a vertical. And then (b) I tend to see feathers, too, as vertical objects, rising up in front of me rather than floating horizontally past me. So natch, I put the feather vertically on the vertical background. Maybe I'm in a rut, however. Maybe I should think outside this vertical concept. So thank you! I'll remember this next time I go down to "clean" my craft area! -- Carol Leigh