Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last of the spiderweb photos

The spiderweb is rather tattered and torn now. I couldn't even find it at first this morning. I misted it and it showed up nicely, but it's so windy that the droplets evaporate quickly. I used a 50mm lens with a 35mm extension tube to see what I could come up with. This is one of the best of the bunch. It's not great, but I do love the softness and the interesting colors in the background. Because of its location, I can't photograph the web straight on; I have to come at it either from a sharp angle or shoot directly at the edge of it, which is what you see here -- the edge of the web -- kind of like looking at the edge of a nebula through a telescope.

And isn't that what's great about photographing nature? No matter what we see, there's always something bigger out there, but constructed in a similar manner. We can see a tree in the veins of a leaf. A grand canyon in a stream bed. The edge of the universe in the edge of a spiderweb.

Ha! What if our Earth is just something wrapped and cocooned in a web, a little morsel waiting to be eaten by some giant cosmic spider? Oh, the joke's on us . . . ©Carol Leigh


June said...

Could it be you are tangled up in your web and need to move on before the cosmic spider in the bush grabs you::)
You are right, nature provides us such wonders if we take the time to focus.
Enjoy your thoughts--keep them coming.

gottago said...

Love all these macro shots of spider webs. I'm heading out as soon as I find a bit of time. Is there anything you can't make art out of??????