Thursday, October 15, 2009


A lot's been going on the past month or so. Taking a day to be quiet. Ommmmmmmm . . . ©Carol Leigh


gottago said...

Hi Carol,

I checked out your recent mural photos and really enjoyed seeing how you chose what to include and what to leave out. Beautiful.

I haven't had much time to daily browse your daily blog like I like to, but have caught up on your photo entries and just wanted you to know I continue to be in awe of all your work. And...that you find the time to make your own photography a priority.

I had a melt down in the TME (Craig Tanner workshop in Jackson), two different times, both in the classroom when I fell behind and got lost with Photoshop tutorials. I got over it quickly but I hated re-feeling all the old you-are-a-dummy-and-everyone-knows-it feelings I used to have during my classroom years growing up.

I know you deal with learning curves all the time and I'm impressed that you just keep moving through it.

Much admiration and respect,


Carol Leigh said...

Thanks for "checking in." I know what you mean about feeling like you're a dummy and everyone knows it. The key is not to care that everyone knows it. Too much self-absorption, methinks. And, really, nobody cares about YOU -- THEY'RE all worried that everyone thinks THEY'RE a dummy!

We all go at our own pace, absorbing what we can, and knowing that we can't absorb everything at once. Even if we could absorb it all at once, there's always a new version around the corner and we have to begin again -- whether it be hardware or software.

In my opinion, if we put too much pressure on ourselves, we run the risk of losing the joy. I speak for myself only. I pick it up baby step by baby step, using what works for me, setting aside (deferring) what doesn't (for now).

There will always be techno-geeks who run and gun with all this stuff, and they have my utmost admiration, because my brain doesn't work that way. And thank god they're there for when I have questions, thereby revealing that yes, I am a dummy and I don't care who knows it! -- Carol Leigh

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Linda for your comments.
Thanks, Carol for your reassurance and wise words.
jc in nc