Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things that fall out of books

I found them in Santa Fe, stuck them into a book to dry, then rediscovered them yesterday. Aspen leaves. Reminders of fall in other places. I took a simple photograph. Very shallow depth of field so that just the middle of the leaf, where it meets (becomes) the stem is in focus. Meanwhile, we have 30mph winds and rain and hail and one rumble of thunder which sent the cat under the bed for hours. ©Carol Leigh



What a fun surprise for you.... and for us. Simplicity is a good reminder for me - in life as well as in photography. I like what you did with this leaf. I think I will try more shallow DOF photos. Good luck with the weather.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shot, can you tell us about the background please?

Under the bed is a good place for the cat while you are trying to photograph.

Carol Leigh said...

Jan . . . The background is an old book (a math book) that I got at an antique mall. The cover is really worn and looks almost like leather. I love it as a background. In fact, I'm about to post another shot I just created that uses that same book. I found a cedar twig on my walk this morning (in the POURING rain) and brought it in to shoot. The book makes a great background for it. -- Carol Leigh