Friday, October 23, 2009

An old-fashioned look

I'm learning different Photoshop techniques (as usual, by scrounging around online looking for tips, which works great for someone with my limited attention span). I took a rather monochromatic photo of a fishing boat yesterday and this morning did all sorts of things to it to create this rendition, which looks like it was perhaps taken in the 1920s. (It helps that the boat itself is quite old.)

Now I just need to go back and figure out all my steps to see why I did what I did and how. My days are simply not long enough. ©Carol Leigh


Anonymous said...

Why is it I just want to shout "Yes, Yes Yes".
Fall here and time to get out and play among the leaves and see what appears when one isn't trying to be perfect:)

Carol Leigh said...

Ha! Why? Because you're a fellow wackydoodle, that's why! -- Carol Leigh