Thursday, January 14, 2010

A good day for photography

We went north to run some errands and I had a great time photographing all along the way. From the passenger seat I photographed this guy in a cherry picker working on electric lines and power poles. I used a 70-200mm lens set at 0.3 seconds to create plenty of blur.

Next I used a fisheye lens to shoot an overview of the docks. Not good at all, but definitely different.

And then walking along the docks, still with the @#$% fisheye lens on the camera, this fisherman leaped up and said, "Here I am!" So naturally I had to take a shot. See how the brown pole on the right is curving inward? Fisheye lens. We stopped to talk, asking what the barrels were for, what are they catching? "Liquid gold, liquid gold." Actually, what they're catching are slimey eels, also known as hagfish. (Don't look them up, they're disgusting.) The eels crawl into the openings and can't get out. The catch is then sent to Korea, where they're used for wallets and as an aphrodisiac. Apparently they sell for $20/pound over there.

More to follow . . . although "slimey eels" is a hard act to follow. ©Carol Leigh



I really like the fisheye view of the docks - makes me want to go buy one. Like, today!! Seriously, I really like it - I just keep staring at it. I know you are not overly fond of it, but I think it is the fisheye effect that has me mesmerized.

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks, Carol D.! Actually, I like using the fisheye lens, just not overly fond of this particular shot. Thanks for commenting. Whenever I think NO ONE is visiting my site, you always come through! Very much appreciated. -- Carol Leigh