Thursday, January 7, 2010

Um, Pier 39? We've found your sea lions . . .

If you're wondering where your 1,700 sea lions went who used to live at Pier 39 in San Francisco, well, we've got 'em. They're slowly drifting north and will probably be just off the coast of Depoe Bay this evening if you'd like to retrieve them.

As I looked out onto the water this morning, I saw rocks offshore. Rocks that have never been there before. Looking again, nope, they're sea lions, with their flippers sticking up out of the water, just past the surf line. This is not a good shot since my lens was too wimpy (200mm). I've cropped it down and tried to smooth out the grain so you can see what I saw.

Having read this morning about the disappearance of sea lions from San Francisco and how large herds have been reported off the central Oregon coast, I figured I'd let SF know where "their" sea lions are currently hanging out. I'm sure they'll be heading home once the next storm comes through. But they seem to be enjoying our 58-degree temperatures at the moment. ©Carol Leigh

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JH said...

Well, in spite of what the SF tourism people feel, you can keep those sea lions. They are fun to watch, very smelly, loud, and really belong in the out of doors, not on wooden docks.