Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two more from Waldport

Two more from yesterday's little walk around Waldport. A colorful door on one side of the street, and a colorful little shop n the other. And this is about as much color as we've got around here! Most things are weathered silver, grey, and green, and oh, yeah, there's rust ... ©Carol Leigh


Judy T said...

GREAT shots from Waldport. Love the simplicity of the door and the humor in the building.

What happened to grey?

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks, Judy! Grey? Contrast is everything. When all is grey, beige becomes extreme! -- Carol Leigh


Ah... the eyes have it! great shot of the bldg. Love the door, too. At first, I thought the beige was yellow (or, maybe it is yellow). Nice extremes. Boy, you can find anything, anywhere, can't you?