Friday, February 12, 2010

Cedros Avenue Design District

CJ took me over to Solana Beach to see the Cedros Avenue Design District. Hoo ha! Although I photographed primarily texture and grunge (great tree bark, torn labels, spray painted things, slate tiles, numbers, etc.), I also took a few overviews. A coastal-blue sign arches across the street. A horde of horned toads crawls down the side of a building. And a funky store lends itself well to an exaggerated Topaz Adjust treatment.

My prize purchase was a set of vintage Japanese paperback books with beautiful calligraphy, torn bits, weathered covers, and more. Can't wait to find time to shoot them and then incorporate them into photomontages. I did create a photomontage of some palm tree bark from this visit, which you can see here:

©Carol Leigh

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