Saturday, February 20, 2010

A good morning on the beach

I've been really sick. And I'm sick of being sick. So today I pretended I was well and went to the beach to photograph. I think it worked. I faked myself out and am now ready to roll.

The bluffs that I photograph are incredibly colorful. Even more so when they're in the shade, which is when I do most of my shooting there. My "technique" is to walk along the shade of the bluffs on the first half of my walk and then move out into the sun on my way back to see what else I can find. That is, if it's a sunny day. But look at what I see in the shade! Look at the blue and orange colors. Is this not cool, or what? And wait until you see what I've done with all these various rock photos I've taken. It's astounding, if I do say so myself. And I do.

I found a feather -- a very good-looking one -- and photographed it on a rock, then stuck it in my hat to take home to shoot again. I checked my shadow on the sand from time to time to make sure it was still there, still sticking up, making me look like some homely, decidedly un-Disney-esque Pocahontas.

As I was about to leave the beach, I took a moment to photograph some of the what I call "agateers," folks out in droves slowly walking the beach, agate scoopers in hand, hunched over, bent over, eyes glued to the sand, looking for that glint of shiny translucence that is an agate. This was a good day for them, lots of sand had washed away, leaving a gravel-like surface that's a treasure trove for agate-seekers (of which I used to be one, until one day I wondered what the hell am I going to do with all these agates and have I officially turned into a beach geek? Will a metal detector be the next step for me?).

And so you see here a frizzy-haired woman with a stick, peering intently at the sand, looking like I will probably look when I'm REALLY old (like next month). And do you see the fishing boat just off the coast? It's a beautiful day here today. I'm giddy with the sun. And now back to doing critiques in my current online class . . . ©Carol Leigh


Judy Tillson said...

So glad you're feeling better. Love that bluff photo. And when do we get to see what you're doing with all of them?

Cabby Bloss said...

I hope you are free of the creeping crud soon. I love the first shot-great color and texture. YUM!!

gottago said...

Did you intentionally wear an orange jacket knowing you were headed to the beach and the BLUE sea?

I like seeing you in your photos.

Carol Leigh said...

Um, Linda, that's not me! That's some woman looking for agates on the beach. That's gonna be me when I'm OLDER!

Judy and Cabby, thank you for stopping by. Am feeling better. Don't want to show the rock photos until I've got my ducks in a row. I want to create gallery-wrap canvas prints and approach some local galleries with them. This is at least a month away, so stay tuned. Have created about 60 photos so far! It's a bizarre obsession . . . -- Carol Leigh


Yes, it looks like it was indeed a good morning on the the beach! Good idea about tricking yourself - it worked well. I, too, am very fond of the first one of the org/blue bluffs. Woo Hoo! Get well - stay well.

Stephan Dietrich said...

Glad to hear (read) that you are feeling better. Mind over matter... Amazing when we channel into the hidden spirits that we have and focus on things that make us really (really) feel alive.

Fantastic sand-stone art texture image (amazing colors - reminds me of Death Valley), beach scene and feather study (and story). Mother Nature providing the ingredients for us to see, appreciate and create further.

It is great when we can be at a place with such beauty, hidden treasures and merely walk away with images taken within the camera and mind... leaving the natural treasures for others to appreciate and to hopefully do the same. Now you have these awesome works of art to share with others!

All the best on your photo submissions.

Carol Leigh said...

And again, Stephan, you certainly have a way with words. And though I usually walk away "leaving the natural treasures for others to appreciate," I must confess that a few small rocks found their way into my pocket, rocks that I have some ideas about how I will photograph them, and then back to the beach they will go, or into a basket on the table, or displayed on a bookshelf or, if the cat finds them, hidden under the dryer until we move (or get a new dryer). Your comments are most appreciated. Thank you. -- Carol Leigh