Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo surprises

I like to be surprised, and while riding as a passenger in a car, shooting through the window, I've got nothing BUT surprises! We had an appointment inland this morning and en route I photographed (1) the pink and blue colors of sunrise at Ona Beach, (2) the soft pastel pink, purple, and green colors of trees in the distance, and then (3) bright sunlight coming through a line of trees.

This is easy photography (well, sorta). I use a 70-200mm L lens most of the time, setting my camera on shutter priority, using a shutter speed of maybe 1/5 second, and an ISO of 100. For these photos I also had a polarizing filter on the lens. I'm shooting primarily through the windshield, although sometimes through a side window. It was a good morning today. ©Carol Leigh


Judy Tillson said...

Well, they are all superb. I like #2 because they are "my" colors.

The last one is one of those that might be an oil painting, pallete knife on canvas. Wow! Did I already say superb?

Diane Miller said...

What she said.... Every time I try this I just wind up wasting photons. Superb!

Carol Leigh said...

Ah, but luckily photons are a renewable resource and can be wasted with impunity! -- Carol Leigh

Stephan Dietrich said...

Very creative and amazing works of art Carol! Your "Photo Surprises" look like real paintings... Great water-color softness and palette knife effects.

Amazing when we utilize our time wisely, create and multi-task our passions in life.

I will have to work on being a passenger more often!

In the movie “Liar, Liar” I enjoyed the Running-Photography-Instructor scenes.

I thoroughly enjoy mixing painting and photography skills. Now with digital, we can paint without using paint - the camera and our computer being our canvas with endless limits... other than those in our imagination.

Again, "Very creative and amazing works of art Carol!"

Carol Leigh said...

Why, thank you, Stephan! (She said using her best Scarlet O'Hara accent.) And when you get your website up and running, puhleeze let me know so I can see what you're up to as well. -- Carol Leigh