Friday, March 5, 2010

Alders in winter

We took a little drive this morning. Not much to shoot, but I did like how the alders this time of year are all bare and white on the hillsides. The scene was too messy for a "straight" photograph, so instead I set my shutter speed to 0.4 seconds and moved the camera up (or down) during the exposure to create a blurred impression of the scene. ©Carol Leigh


Stephan Dietrich said...

Awesome effect... the amber with the white... and ghostly effect... and details of the hillside angle... all come together amazingly well. A work of art with the camera. Impressive work Carol!

Jan said...

Really like this. I may have to give this technique a try. Good idea for montage background images? Did you have time to check out my assignment called pears?

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks, Stephan. I particularly liked the angle of the hillside. And Jan? This might be too busy for our photomontage possibilities. In fact, I tried it this morning for a bit, and couldn't get anything to really work. And if I have to force it, it's time to walk away. -- CL