Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Old images, new eyes

I'm currently teaching a class in how I do my photomontages, so I'm poking around in older photographs, looking at what I've done in the past with new eyes today. These two from New Mexico caught my attention, not for photomontages, necessarily, but because I never processed them. That happens all the time, doesn't it? You go somewhere, return home, process the most obvious, the "best," and then you move on to more current photographs, forgetting that maybe you have a treasure trove of older images, just waiting to be polished off, dusted off, and presented on the shelf.

Both of these pictures were taken in the little town of Cerrillos, on the Turquoise Trail south of Santa Fe. Old images. New eyes. Good stuff. ©Carol Leigh


Diane Miller said...

Good stuff. VERY good stuff.

Stephan Dietrich said...

Amazing what "we" personally often leave behind. Meaning, we see something that captures our attention, we take the image and then we move on. Sometimes "simply knowing" that we took an image is enough (having a photograph record of what we have photographed). BUT, until we revisit and rediscover what we took... we never know until that moment. As you mention, often looking with a different eye, perspective and such the second time around.

Great images and great words of wisdom Carol. Who knows what treasures we "photographers" have?

Carol Leigh said...

Thank you both, Stephan and Diane. And regarding "who knows what treasures we have," let's ask ourselves that in another three years! -- Carol Leigh