Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Focusing on 3

Last week we were wandering around and came upon a pile of things that had a sign on them: FREE. YOU HAUL AWAY. I began taking photos of rust patterns, a paint brush, weathered wood, etc. and came across an old adding machine. With lots of numbers on it! And it still had a roll of adding machine tape in it. I picked it up and just a little bit of water came out, so naturally I had to bring it home to shoot.

Well, now that I have it, I'm wondering what the heck was I thinking? I've taken a few shots, as you can see here, but now, I don't know ... So it's currently sitting on the floor of my studio, taking up precious space, and I'm probably going to stub my toe on it one day, careen into the tripod, knock everything over, and then blame it all on Chris for oh, so patiently and without judgment, putting the damned thing in the car for me that fateful day. ©Carol Leigh

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