Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The kitchen lights are on . . .

Just because you're "in the zone" and getting a rush from what you're photographing doesn't mean you're necessarily breaking new ground.

This morning it was foggy and dark outside. But the camera and tripod were all set up and the plant was sitting there on the kitchen counter, beckoning me.

I turned on the overhead kitchen lights (not the best light source in the world, but surprisingly good) and began focusing on the plant's flowers.

After awhile, trying this and that, I was stoked! Never has photography been so much fun. These shots are terrific! Hoo ha!

Well, not so fast, grasshopper. I bring them into the computer and begin looking at them. And a lot of them are pretty good. I'm praising "live view" and I'm praising my own vision ... until I realize that a lot of these shots look JUST LIKE SOME I TOOK THE OTHER DAY!

Just when you think you're growing and improving and GETTING SOMEWHERE you realize that you're not the hotshot you thought you were 45 minutes ago.

But you know what's good? I KNOW when I'm not doing something different. I KNOW when my photo is a "fleur ordinaire." Maybe not when I'm doing the shooting, but eventually it sinks in.

I took a lot of images I can use in my upcoming macro class. And I had a good time. And my time wasn't wasted. So maybe my NEXT set of photographs will be my best! ©Carol Leigh


Sarah Merkel said...

this may not be something different for you, but, dang Grasshopper you do it well, exceedingly well. Simply lovely.

Carol Leigh said...

Thank you, Sarah, for your kind words. Very much appreciated. -- Carol Leigh