Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trash or treasure?

When I die and someone goes through my stuff, they're going to shake their head at all this crap and wonder what the heck was I thinking. Like this box. It cost $4 at a flea market. Someone had taken some old wood, cut it up, nailed it together, used old hinges and a handle on top and then created a latch by bending a nail around a screw. Someone took just what they had and made it useful.

It's not beautiful — it's crude and rough and simple. And Chris doesn't think much of it. It pleases me, however, and it can hold markers and other art supplies. And the latch is a good example of finding and photographing curves, a lesson in my current online class.

My point, however, is that when I die someone's going to see this box, shake their head, and will either throw it out or sell it at a garage sale. Where some other weirdo will see it, think it's cool, and might even pay $4 for it. I doubt, however, that they'll think of photographing it . . . ©Carol Leigh


marianne said...

Don't call me a weirdo :-)

Anonymous said...

I will come to your garage sale:)
jc in nc