Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quick trip up to Newport

Thursdays and Fridays are sort of my "weekend," time when Chris and I can venture out together. We needed to go to the library and the bank today, so en route we stopped at a couple of places so I could do some shooting. Aquarium Village can sometimes provide interesting subject matter. I was struck by the incongruity of a rattan chair sitting outside the door of a warehouse. My students are working on the color blue right now, so it seemed appropriate. And inside an antique store there was a bottle of -- yes -- bluing on a shelf. I liked the label, so zoomed in tight to fill my frame. And then there was the repeating pattern of condo entrances in Nye Beach. It's a monochromatic look that's relieved by the pattern and the texture. After an excellent lunch at Quimby's Restaurant (where we have never been disappointed), we walked around the neighborhood and stopped in at a gallery, where I was encouraged to take pictures and was given a short lesson in photography, which I'll describe in my next posting. ©Carol Leigh

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