Friday, July 3, 2009

To the garden center

Our local garden center -- the Oregon Coast Garden Center -- always has a variety of beautiful plants and flowers. They're so kind to let me take photographs whenever I wish, and so when I'm in a photographic slump or wondering what the heck to shoot, I know I can always go there and find something wonderful. This morning I photographed an exquisite rose called "Lovestruck," a sedum of some sort, a burgundy/gold-colored succulent, and a bunch of bluish-purple things that weren't labeled. We always try to buy something in return, and today we came home with bright red geraniums, some alternanthera plants with red and green leaves, and petunias. It's a great start for the day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol:
What wonderful shots. I would love to claim them and use for greeting cards..... Someday I'll be back in action, look out!
Thanks for making me smile :-)))

Carol Leigh said...

Thank you, Gisela. You're in my thoughts these days. -- ©Carol Leigh