Monday, July 13, 2009

Trees on the move

Seeing some recent photos posted by Marianne Skov Jensen on her blog, I was inspired to revisit moving my camera while exposing the scene. I often do this in horizontal fashion when at the beach, sweeping my camera from left to right (or vice-versa) for a landscape shot, but haven't done much with vertical subjects. On my walk around the block today, I was taken by how dark the foreground trees were and how light was the background. I set my camera on aperture priority, selecting f/25 for my lens opening. At ISO 100, this required a 1-second exposure. I warmed up by simply moving my camera up and down and then, when I felt loose and easy, clicked the shutter. Although I kind of like this shot, I know I can do better. My shutter speed was probably longer than it needed to be, so I'll give this another go next time I take a walk. ©Carol Leigh


gottago said...

So the trees are the dark color? And the light color is the background?

I gotta try this.


marianne said...

Thanks for the plug :-)
The color in the background makes this image!