Sunday, September 6, 2009

Japanese anemone

We've got Japanese anemones blooming out front right now, pink ones and these white ones. I love the light, airy, ballerina-esque look of them. I photographed these using a 100mm lens at an aperture of f/16 for decent depth of field. ©Carol Leigh

I'll be showing these shots and a lot more in my upcoming macro class in Castro Valley, California. Have you registered yet? It's a fun and informative day. Call the Castro Valley Adult School at (510) 886-1000 to register. The fee for the day is $89.


Anonymous said...

Once again--stunning. Love that soft foreground effect. The horizon looks like the light is coming from behind? Not as much head room for the top of flower as in the vertical. WWCS? I am honestly wanting to know and not just being "high maintenance".
jc in nc

marianne said...

Beautiful, as always! With that title, though, I was hoping to see one of the images be a vertical with tons of space around like a ballerina doing spins in a studio.

Carol Leigh said...

Marianne, I changed the name! June, yeah, probably more space in the top of the horizontal version is in order. Thank you both! -- Carol Leigh