Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Objectivity . . . or lack thereof

In my online classes I spend a fair amount of time providing what I hope are thoughtful, gentle, and honest critiques of my students' work. But it's sure tough to be just as honest with oneself!

In my heart I know that these are not some of the best photos I've taken, but TODAY they are quite appealing to me. I like them even though I know they're flawed. Tomorrow I may question my thought process, but today, they're okay.

They represent that I'm experimenting with various backgrounds and lighting situations. They represent growth. They represent the joy I find in photography, in seeing things in a slightly different way. Tomorrow I may toss 'em all. But today? It's been a good day. Know what I mean? ©Carol Leigh


Judy said...

If you decide to toss them, toss them south my way! :-)

These are lovely, Carol, and so glad you enjoyed the process while creating them.

It is tough being honest with one's self. For me, it's tough because I am usually emotionally involved in my photos, invested in them, and most of the time I can't step back & toss. If it were just an intellectual exercise, it might be a different issue.

Meanwhile, enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is very hard to be objective about ones work. Like Judy said, one is usually involved emotionally in the process. Your classes and the way you critique helped me be a wee bit more objective (sometimes). WWCS (what would Carol say) are words spoken often.
Your blog makes me think so thank you much for continuing to teach and share.
JC in NC

Carol Leigh said...

As usual, thank you both for (a) stopping by and (b) for your kind words. You're my FAVORITE students! -- Carol Leigh