Friday, September 25, 2009

Yeah, but how's your camera?

While photographing in the red rock area near Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, I tripped on a rock(probably a red one) and went crashing to the ground. My left leg was kind of shredded. Lots of blood. Lots of drama. A day later and I still hurt. But the blood no longer runs down my leg, which is a good thing.

The camera? (And I know that's what you're really concerned about.) Well, it still works. But to see my photos on the LCD screen I have to ignore the raggedy "X" mark that's permanently scratched on it. I need this camera to demonstrate certain things at my upcoming macro class on the 10th, so I can't send it yet to Canon for repair.

Wish I'd photographed my damaged leg at the height of its yuckiness. But nope, a search for water and bandages was foremost in my mind. So here it is. A photo blog post that is photo-free. [And wouldn't you know? It's gotten more comments than my posts that actually contain photos! There's a message here somewhere . . .]


Anonymous said...

Glad you are ok after your trip and fall blood gore experience. Know you had some good care from the group. Have so enjoyed all the photos you have posted from New Mexico. Looking forward to more.
jc in nc
(please note--no comment about the camera this time around)

Carol Leigh said...

I was beginning to get worried about you -- you've been uncharacteristically silent! -- Carol Leigh

Judy said...

So glad you DIDN'T photograph the bloody leg ... can't stand the sight of blood ;-) Glad to hear you're OK and the camera sorta made it through this ordeal.


Diane Miller said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both of you -- you and the camera!


Oh dear... so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are feeling better and that your leg is healing okay. Especially hope it is not keeping you from enjoying your trip.

Ron said...

As I understand it, you can (fairly) easily replace the plastic cover to the LCD yourself. The replacement part is just a couple bucks. It's held in place with double sticky tape (to put it in simple terms).

Talk to the repair techs, I'm sure they would tell you how to replace it and what part number to order for the replacement.

Carol Leigh said...

Ron, thanks for the tip regarding contacting the Canon repair techs and doing it myself. I'm looking into that now.

And Judy? You can't stand the sight of blood? You're a nurse, for crying out loud! Sheesh. :-)

Carol Leigh