Friday, September 4, 2009

Two in one

In my online classes, one lesson was all about curves, another all about fish (don't ask!). Last month I photographed a wall outside Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant (one of our favorite restaurants). I was attracted to the yin/yang-ness of the curves. The fish were a bonus!

The second version of the photo is for Carol D., who so kindly pointed out that the line going across the original image looked like crap. So I changed it. Just for her. Sheesh. ©Carol Leigh


Judy said...

You have the coolest places "up there" in OR! Great shot!


Ditto to Judy's comment. I get what you say about the yin/yang - love it. I do have one question about the thin horizontal line across the middle. This is just a learning thing for me ... would you like it better without the line?, or no?

Carol Leigh said...

Judy T. and Carol D.: Thanks for commenting. To answer your question, Carol D., about the thin line running through the shot -- that's a really good observation. And it's an example of how we're not always objective about our work.

I left the line in because I saw the original artwork and the original had the line (it's where two pieces of wood join). But to anyone else, it might be distracting, taking our eye away from the curves and the overall composition. Not good.

When I get a moment, I'm going to get rid of the line and see how I feel about it. Right now I'm thinking that I like it in that it adds texture to a shot that already has some other texture. I'm also working on turning it into a photomontage, which I may demonstrate in the upcoming photomontage class.

Thanks for making me take another look and for making me think. Looking and thinking -- novel concepts! -- Carol Leigh



Carol D.

Lori said...

What?? Looked like carp?? Well, of course it looked like carp, it's a fish, doofy!