Monday, September 7, 2009

Permission to play on Labor Day

If we don't take the time to experiment and play, well, nothing seems to move forward. So today I pulled out a photo I took at the Disney Concert Hall a couple of years ago, cropped off some of the left side, added a better sky, and turned it into a square. ©Carol Leigh


Jim said...

Ooo. It has a wonderful Dali-esque feel. The balance is hard to quantify but it's there. I like everything about it.

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks, Sir James. I like it, too, and find myself just staring at it. Am beginning to look at older photos with new eyes. And -- uh-oh -- I've got a huge collection of slides I could resurrect if I were feeling truly self-destructive. But remember when we started and what we hung onto before we knew ANYthing? There could actually be a freshness there, back in the musty archives of Kodachrome 64, Fuji 100, Velvia . . . And to rework them with newer technology, more polished skills? The possibilities are endless, and are expanding exponentially. We need to live another lifetime to do everything we wish, everything we can. -- Carol Leigh