Saturday, September 19, 2009

A quick walk around the Plaza

I did a quick walk around the Plaza this morning to refresh my memory and, as usual, the photo possibilities made my heart pound. Although I like the first photo, I don't like that the shadows themselves are soft -- as they actually were. Perhaps earlier, more direct light might work better here. But I love the "stripes" in the photo, with the blue, the tan, and then the whitish-grey.

The shadows in the second photo look to me like the wing of a bird. I have a feeling this shot will be eventually used in a photomontage. And then the third photo, I don't know, the three triangular shapes plus the way the tip of the triangle stands out against the black window all appeal to me. There's a little triangle of sky upper right.

All were taken with the same 18-55mm lens, which is a good walking-around lens. I didn't take any other lenses with me for this quick walk -- it's good practice to work with what you have, using the particular characteristics of that lens. It was a GREAT little walk. And I got some decent little photos. ©Carol Leigh

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