Tuesday, November 24, 2009

59 minutes on the beach . . .

This morning the tide was low and it wasn't raining — perfect opportunity to go exploring on the beach. I'm now more attuned to sand patterns and so created a photo of these "sand trees," which I think look pretty cool. And then the way some smaller rocks were wedged into a large crack caught my eye and turned into and interesting shot. And finally, an overview of a row of rocks lined up below the tide line. Overviews are something I really have to struggle to take, and am trying to do better. ©Carol Leigh


Judy Tillson said...

Really enjoying the photos of your beach (makes me sooooo homesick). I love the sand trees. Also like the second photo, that white rock looks like it's just ready to go down the slide.

And, of course, the overview -- GREAT shot.

gottago said...

I would frame and hang the sand trees photo. I love the detail in the sand, the lighting, the shadows, the way you framed it and the colors. The blue creates such interest.

Thanks for giving me tons of ideas as I'll be on the Oregon coast in 2 days.

Your overshot is beautiful. How did you get the sand on the left to look so smooth? Love how many interesting scenes there are in this one shot.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Chris.


Jan H said...

What a lovely few shots. The overview is great, as are the rocks and the sand trees. Funny how much blue is there when the sun is not out to hide the yellow hue. Love the sand trees!

brucesc said...

I love Sand Trees!!! Did you see them as trees before you downloaded?
Bruce--who sees things too--

Carol Leigh said...

Thank you, Bruce, Jan, Linda, and Judy . . . What's weird about the sand trees is that I originally took the photograph as a vertical (imagine it turned 90 degrees to the left). What caught my eye was the strong shadowing and the well-defined forms. I was looking at it as a vertical, so the "tree" concept wasn't quite there yet. When I got it into the computer, however, it became obvious that they were, indeed, "sand trees."

I wish I could say, "Yeah, I previsualized the whole thing from the beginning," but my brain doesn't work that way (plus it would sound pretentious). Rearranging furniture? I have to actually lug and move the stuff around before I know if it'll work, whereas some people can picture how it will look without the physical effort. I'm visually challenged that way.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! -- Carol Leigh