Saturday, November 21, 2009

The art of seeing - 091121

I am constantly going through my photos, seeing old stuff, new stuff, re-worked stuff all the time. I also see what I haven't yet processed, and this is one of those instances. I was walking on the beach this past April and found a cool rock with all sorts of holes in it. I took a photo of the rock and then stepped back to take an overview so that you can see what I saw.

Some photographers see the big picture and have trouble zooming in on the details. My problem is just the opposite: I see the details and the big picture usually eludes me. In fact, just after I wrote this, I went online and noticed someone had photographed the number "28." I recognized the metal numbers as being the ones you see on telephone poles (which I photograph a lot). And then I laughed. I would have photographed the "2" or the "8," but wouldn't have thought of photographing "28!" See? I don't see the big picture. ©Carol Leigh

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