Monday, November 23, 2009

82 minutes on the beach . . .

I had just the best day today. I finished a major project this morning and gave myself permission to take the rest of the day off. It was almost low tide, so I went to the beach to see what I could find. It was just me, two other people, and two dogs. Wonderful. And it wasn't raining.

We've had lots of wind and rain lately and a few birds didn't make it. There's a certain beauty in death (don't mean to sound ghoulish) and I liked the curves and shape of this seabird as well as the feeling of transience and sadness.

And look what I found next to a washed-up log -- a sand pattern that looks very much like bristlecone pines! I've never seen a pattern as striking and bold as this is.

And then there's me, wearing hat, jacket, and gloves. Any time I can take a picture of myself that makes me look tall and thin, I'm on it!

What a great day! The rest of the day I lounged around, read a mystery novel, poked around on the computer, and relaxed. And didn't feel guilty for not working. Life is good. ©Carol Leigh

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