Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pretty, but deadly

What caught my eye was how this foam on the beach looked like icebergs, especially reflected in the blue water. But I knew it was deadly. From the Oregonian: "The algae get whipped by the surf into something akin to a sticky soap that looks like the top of a root beer float. The foam can be deadly to seabirds because it washes off the natural oils that keep them waterproofed. Without that protection, they get cold, wet, eventually dying of hypothermia."

Which explains the unusually large number of dead sea birds we're seeing on the coast these days. And a huge windstorm is expected this evening . . .  ©Carol Leigh

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Diane Miller said...

It is lovely.... I always thought the foam had something to do with sewage or the like. But then that may be what is feeding the algae.