Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thirty-five minutes on the docks . . .

Taking advantage of a brief break between storms, Chris and I headed up to Newport to the library late this afternoon. The light was so pretty, we stopped at the docks so I could take a quick swing around. Everybody's gearing up for crabbing season, which begins after Thanksgiving, and pots are all loaded up on a lot of the boats. I shot an overview of the scene and then moved on.

I'd forgotten about the Helen McColl. This very old wooden fishing boat sank a few weeks ago. All we can see are her masts sticking up out of the water.

A red-necked phalarope (thank you, Bruce K. for the I.D.) was swimming about in the reflections. Man, these guys are fast. All I had with me was an 18-55mm lens, so I couldn't zoom in tight on him, but I still like the look.

And then I can't seem to stay away from these colorful fenders, and this one, hanging down from the deep orange-red Miss Berdie, looked particularly luscious.

Good light. No rain. Lots of color. Exhilarating! ©Carol Leigh

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