Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You've got . . .

Sometimes I'll open BreezeBrowser and, without looking, click on a photo album at random, just to see what's there and what pops into my head. I clicked one of the San Francisco albums and selected this photo to work on. The choices were to either delete the photo entirely (it looked washed out and wonky) or to play with it. So play I did. I altered the perspective to exaggerate the wonkiness, added some darkening here and there, as well as the heart.* When you have a crappy photo to begin with, you don't feel so serious about junking it up, for some reason. Lousy photos encourage experimentation. And if that's the case, I've got years of experimentation ahead of me! ©Carol Leigh

*Why the heart? Because there are heart shapes in the wrought iron door and my drawing a heart on the mailbox sort of ties the two together and it creates a sort of wistful feeling, I think. And because I could!

And now do you want to see the bad version? (I shouldn't do this, but I will.) See what I mean? It's awful! Usually I would never keep something like this. I can't even believe I took it!


gottago said...

Wow. What a difference. I can't wait to learn from our Photomontage class how to do what you adding the heart.

Thanks for sharing what you do with opening a folder and finding a photo to practice on.

BTW your daily (on both blogs) posting is the inspiration that helps keep me on track with daily picking up my camera and posting something. I so look forward to seeing what you'll come up with each day.


Diane Miller said...

Hey, the original isn't awful. The original is raw material. You did good with it! Very good!

Carol Leigh said...

Linda, thank you (yet again) for your comments -- they mean a lot. And Diane, you're too kind! The original photo was, really, pretty awful. I'm amazed that I could salvage anything from it. Ah, the joy of "failure!" -- Carol Leigh