Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The art of seeing - 091124

Here's the overall scene and here's what I made out of it. And I KNOW there are a lot of you thinking, "I'm finding the overviews much more interesting than the abstracts!" Yeah, I know . . . I'm weird. ©Carol Leigh


Jason Sparks said...

I LOVE IT! I love the overview concept. It's original to me having not seen that in such a manner before. I have played with different themes over the years and styles change often as new techniques and methods are discovered. I'll keep tabs on this effort of yours. Please continue to impress ;)

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks, Jason, for the feedback, and I'm glad you like the concept. I'll be doing more of it as I go.

I quickly visited your blog this morning and I like YOUR concept of posting three or four (or more) versions of the same thing. You're creating mini photo essays.

And I LOVE your "cheap glass" abstracts. Very inspiring. -- Carol Leigh