Thursday, November 26, 2009

The art of seeing - 091125

There's a beach down the road (maybe a half-mile to a mile away) that's accessible only at low tide. So yesterday morning I followed the tide out, seeing what I could find. I seem to be on a roll with all this beach stuff, and each beach is different, offering different photo possibilities. Once crabbing season begins (on the 28th), I've got a different beach project in mind that I'll share with you when the time comes, but in the meantime, I'm photographing rocks and sand.

Marianne Jensen has been finding faces in rocks and posting them over at her blog, so I thought of her when I found this "parrot." Here's the shot, and then here's how it looked as I walked past. See? It takes a weird mindset to notice little things like faces in rocks . . . and I know I'm not insulting Marianne when I say that!

A photo that looks sort of mountainous is actually part of a sandy cliff, where the sand has dripped and slumped downward. You can see the photo and then how the scene actually looked.

And finally, yet another rock abstract, something that I extract from a wall of rock -- all at eye level. I took about five different photographs from this one section of the bluff face.

Half a mile from home. And it's taken me what, about 8 years to discover it? Sheesh. ©Carol Leigh

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol: I'm always amazed again when you post what you saw when walking on the beach. You find a "parrot's face" in the rocks or all your interesting abstracts in the rocks or in the sand or anywhere....
Thanks so much for sharing your creativity. It's a daily treat.
Happy Thanksgiving, much to be grateful for.... Gisela

marianne said...

Very cool! I definitely see a parrot and how's this for weird....I instantly thought of Senor Wences! I have no idea why but he popped into my head :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian Christopher said...

Great photos!

Carol Leigh said...

Gisela, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Wishing you well . . .

And Linda, do you EVER sleep?! You're like the energizer bunny . . .

Marianne, Chris thought the same thing when he saw the "parrot."

And Brian Christopher, thank you for commenting. Wishing you continued success with YOUR photography!

Carol Leigh