Friday, November 20, 2009

Port of Alsea, Oregon

Yesterday it was just sprinkling, so I made a quick stop at the Port of Alsea here in Waldport to see what I could find. An overview shot (which I softened and sepia-toned) shows one fisherman doing a bit of crabbing. And then I saw this little bird darting about below me, snagging things off the surface of the water. I've yet to look him up in my bird book to see what he is. And finally I saw this whimsical thing — yup, it's a seahorse! ©Carol Leigh


brucesc said...

Hi Carol--your whimsical bird is an adult red-necked phalarope in non-breeding plumage. Whimsical describes the way they behave perfectly.
BirderSC--my blog name.

Carol Leigh said...

Aha! Thank you, Bruce. I KNEW you would know. Here's what I found at "These active birds pick small bits of food from the water's surface. When swimming in shallow water, they will spin in tight circles and create upwellings of food." And that's what this guy was doing. Very cute bird. Hard to photograph. -- Carol Leigh