Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The art of seeing -- 091130

My time on the beach yesterday was spent mainly dodging incoming waves. Although the tide was past its height and on the way out, it wasn't going out as quickly as I had anticipated. My room for error was just a few feet between the waves and the bluffs, and I had to jump up onto some rocks from time to time, so I took a few shots and then left. Here's what I made, and then you can see what I saw. Wish I knew more about geology. ©Carol Leigh


Linda J said...

OK, Carol, you wondered about the geology of what you are seeing, so I had my geology-obsessed husband take a look. He thinks you may have photographed old, decayed tree roots. Who knows how long ago that tree grew there.


Carol Leigh said...

I responded to your comment earlier, Linda, but it never showed up. Just wanted to thank Ray for his thought that these might be tree roots. Good suggestion. I'm going to have to dig deeper into all this geology stuff. -- Carol Leigh