Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A predilection for ice . . .

It's warmer today and the ice was quite different from yesterday. And even during the short time I was out there, things changed dramatically. The fanciful "plover" and fishtail I photographed on my walk up the beach were both gone on my walk back.

The first shot is a semi-close-up of the "glacier" coming down the rock face. In the second photo icicles drip from parts of the bluffs. In the third shot you can see the way the icicles have dripped all the way down, forming a cavern-like set of stalactites/stalagmites. And then finally a look at the ice dripping down the rocks and meeting the sand.

I was photographing in very heavy shade, which creates a bluish cast. I shot RAW and adjusted the color somewhat in Photoshop to warm it up a bit. The rocks here are very cool in that they have a natural blue color to them as well as a warm orange. It's a beautiful combination. Wait until you see the photomontages I've created with these Oregon coastal rock formations — I think they're some of my best work so far (well, except for all the pear photomontages, which are my favorites). I'm not ready yet to show them, but probably will do so soon.

It was a good morning. Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy photography? ©Carol Leigh


JudyT said...

Carol: these are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see the montage work.

Jan H said...

These are great.
What ever will you do if you have to move inland??

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks, Jan and Judy! And yes, Jan, I DO wonder how I would handle living inland. But there's always SOMETHING, isn't there? Must practice what I preach: it's all about the seeing. -- Carol Leigh