Thursday, December 3, 2009

A quick trip up to Newport

Thursday is our day to run errands -- trip to the library, various stores, and, if we're in the area, a quick zoom around the fishing boats. Most of the boats are out right now, pulling in crabs, re-baiting the pots, and throwing the pots back in, so there aren't many boats to admire/photograph. In the first photo, two boats share the same cleat, and I liked the semi-symmetry of the lines diagonating outward.

A cormorant popped up next to me and, since I had my camera obscuring my face, I don't think he knew I was human (perhaps simply another vertical post) and so he hung around a bit longer than he would have. I liked his silhouette on the water and especially liked how his head and neck are turned, creating a backward line. I purposely left more space on the right to accommodate that left-right implied movement.

And then finally the fishing vessel "Judy" comes into port, loaded down with Dungeness crabs. Whenever I see this boat, I think of you, Judy T.!

During these first three days of crab season, the fishermen are assured a price of $1.75 per pound. A good haul is 15,000-18,000 pounds of crab, giving them a potential gross of $26,250-$31,500 per haul. Where the price goes after these three days, I don't know. Just a bit of crabbing trivia for you . . . ©Carol Leigh

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