Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting in some shots before it starts raining again

It was a good morning. I made a quick stop at the Alsea Bay overlook to photograph the bridge (looking south over the bay at low tide to the town of Waldport) before it began raining. Then it was over to the fishing boats where there were hardly any in port -- 'tis the height of crab season, and someone told me the fishermen are now receiving $1.95 for crab.

A pair of cormorants create a pretty silhouette against bright water. Next, a couple of crab rings sit lonely on the dock. (Everything around and behind the crab rings was dark. I metered off the bright yellow buoy and let everything else remain underexposed.) As I headed back up the gangplank, I stopped at the bulletin board to see if there was anything interesting posted. Found two items I thought worth shooting and I share them with you here.

I then went over to the crab pot staging area, where this time last month it was covered with stacks of crab pots. They're all in use now and everyone's concentrating on pulling in the crabs. More photos to follow. ©Carol Leigh

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Love the bridge photo - very mystical. The clouds and the fog really give it the magic touch.